Retail & Services

Retail & Services

“We operate a clothing boutique that experiences good business during the weekends, but is slow on weekdays. Merchant Gorilla supplied us with a complete marketing program that helps bring in more customers when we need them.”
–Jane P., Clothing Boutique OwnerRetail & Services

America is a retail and service economy. By recent estimates, 70% of the U.S. economy is driven by consumer spending.  As a retailer or service provider, you most likely live (and die) by consumer spending. Clearly your social coupon offer is an attempt to grow your customer base and increase your following. But how will you manage the new crop of customers? Are they potential long-term customers? Also, are you considering the potential “cannibalization” your current social coupon deal can cause with existing full-price customers? Despite what social coupon analysts may profess, the basic rule of business has not changed: You must maintain sufficient margin in order to survive and thrive. Therefore, it is critical that you employ a comprehensive marketing program to ensure your success.

Merchant Gorilla understands the intricacies of Retail & Service businesses and employs custom marketing solutions that drive new revenue, solidify customer relationships and increase profitability.

Make Merchant Gorilla your partner in retail and service marketing.

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