Activities & Events

Activities and Events

“Merchant Gorilla came up with a plan to drive outer market ticket sales to stem our loss in local market activity. They also implemented an innovative season pass program that has grown to be important portion of our business.”
–Dennis E., Theme Park Executivelt_sb_Thinking_Gorilla.fw

Southern California boasts more activities and events than any other region in the nation. With our mild climate, close proximity to the ocean, mountains and world-renowned entertainment venues, the choices for diversion are countless. But having so many choices can also be a liability to a small activity/event operator or entertainment venue. The sheer number of options available can make a business vanish from the radar screen of today’s attention-deficient consumer. How will you maintain top-of-mind awareness and active involvement with your customers? Whether you operate a museum, sporting event or concert venue, it is critical to consider all activity and event choices as your competition. Merchant Gorilla is expert at identifying your business’ low-hanging fruit, then developing real solutions to capture customer’s attention and encourage repeat visitation.

With more than two decades worth of experience generating solutions for Southern California‘s most prominent activity and event providers, we take our unique understanding of the fickle nature of this market and craft creative marketing solutions that counter falling attendance, build customer loyalty and increase revenue.

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