The Ape Shift

“I couldn’t believe it! [They] told me more about my business and customers than I had learned in over 10 years of trial and error. It has really helped me focus on growing my business.”
–Bill C., Fitness Studio OwnerTHE APE SHIFT

Once you pull the trigger on your Merchant Gorilla marketing program, our APE-SHIFT™ works overtime to create a customized marketing program specific to your business. Time is of the essence, since your social coupon offer is already underway.

A Merchant Gorilla representative will contact you within 2 hours and will set up a personal consultation with you at your location to review your current operations and marketing.  Meanwhile, Merchant Gorilla reseachers will be conducting an in-depth analysis of your trade area, demographics and competition.

Within 72 hours, you will receive a comprehensive, personalized marketing plan along with a customized capture device for your current social coupon offer. We will then return to walk you through your marketing program to ensure everything gets launched efficiently and effectively.

Your Merchant Gorilla APE-SHIFT™ marketing team will be available to answer any questions you may have with your marketing plan and can assist in the creation and implementation of any recommended initiatives.

Social couponing is only a small part of a worthwhile and effective marketing program. Don’t leave the rest to chance.

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