Our Process

Our Process

“MerchantGorilla.com gave us an in-depth analysis of our trade area and competition, then provided step-by-step methods to retain and grow our customer base.”
–Mike K., RestauranteurOur Process

Information is king. That’s why Merchant Gorilla delves deep to help merchants better understand their trade area, customer profile and marketing opportunities. We analyze all factors pertaining to your business and develop a custom marketing program based on your specific opportunities and challenges. Your Merchant Gorilla Marketing Program includes:

Trade Area Analysis:
We identify your primary and secondary trade areas and break them down according to demographics: age, gender, household size, household income, marital status, race, language, education, employment, homeowner/renter, residential/commercial, etc.

Target Market:
We locate and identify your primary and secondary target customer. This is statistical data based on your business type as well as your own business data, whether it be an existing customer database or simply your own observations.

Competitive Analysis:
We do a complete review of all competitors in your trade area, with comparisons of product or service offerings, pricing and promotions.

Complementary Analysis:
What businesses in your trade area can complement your business with tie-ins or cross-promotions? Merchant Gorilla identifies potential promotional partners in your trade area that can benefit both businesses.

Database Capture & Management:
We review and analyze your current methods (if any) for growing and capturing your customer’s information. We then offer simple ways to improve your database, including a review of your employee training, POS systems, email lists, mailing lists, review sites, FaceBook, Twitter, etc. We also offer an affordable merchant database management service for a low fee.

Marketing Audit:
We review any and all marketing initiatives to date, including point-of-sale materials, menus, coupons, brochures, signage and advertising. We then present ideas to further unify your messaging throughout all traditional and social media.

Operations Audit:
We observe and report on ways to better serve your new customers and encourage repeat visits. We provide real, concrete solutions and scripting for staff training, employee incentive programs and simple up-sell techniques that can drive serious revenue for you and increase employee retention.

Year-Long Promotional Calendar:
We deliver a custom promotional calendar for the next 365 days identifying opportunities throughout the year for special promotions and offers, along with suggestions for specific promotional periods, limited-time offers and customer loyalty rewards.

Social Media:
A recent survey of small businesses found that 81% of respondents do not use social media to expand their business. Yet another survey shows that over 80% of Americans use social media on an ongoing basis both for business and personal connections. Why is there such a disconnect? Social media is simply online “word-of-mouth” advertising, and by creating a relevant conversation with your customer base, you maximize its power. We perform a complete analysis of your existing social media efforts, then develop an easy and manageable plan to help you consistently dialog with your customers.

Loyalty Programs:
We develop consistent loyalty programs offering easy ways for your customers to earn rewards AND be maintained and monitored by your management team with minimal effort. For merchants with loyalty and incentive programs already in place, we offer ways to streamline and improve your methods for maximum data capture and customer participation.

Ongoing Marketing Consultation:
Merchant marketing is complex and challenging for even the most experienced business owner. Merchant Gorilla has your back and is available to handle your marketing program in any capacity, including complete turnkey management.

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