“What can I say? We walked into a Groupon deal without knowing all the pitfalls and risks. We certainly paid the price. I wish we had brought in Merchant Gorilla from the beginning.”
–Steve P., Retail OperatorFAQ

Does social couponing really work?

It depends on how you define it.  If your end goal is to simply get new customers, then the answer is a resounding yes. But if your end goal is to turn that new customer into a repeat (and profitable) customer, the answer becomes somewhat murky.  Merchant Gorilla starts at the deal and implements specific strategies and tactics to convert those so-called “deal hunters” into repeat customers.

I’m thinking of participating in a social coupon offer. What should I consider?

Consider talking to us first. Social couponing may or may not be the best tactic for your business right now. While social coupons offer certain opportunities for a small business, they are best utilized as part of an overall marketing program that can guide your business throughout the year.

Why does my business need a marketing plan?

All businesses employ marketing, whether they realize it or not. If customers are the lifeblood of your business, then marketing provides the veins and arteries connecting those customers to you. A marketing plan is crucial, as it provides a consistent roadmap to follow while avoiding painful mistakes that can significantly impact your growth and revenue.

How important is social media in my marketing plan?

The online world is already the main conduit that connects customers with businesses. Social media provides the simplest and most direct means for both parties to dialog beyond the transaction. Developing and nurturing a relationship with your customers through social media channels is crucial to building customer loyalty and repeat business.

What is MerchantGorilla.com’s advantage?

Until now, there has been no resource offering custom, affordable and comprehensive marketing plans for small businesses. Only large companies with deep pockets had access to this level of research, knowledge and creative thinking. We have over 25 years worth of experience in retail and merchant marketing and possess a deep understanding of your type of business, your customers and your challenges.

I’ve heard that a comprehensive marketing plan can cost thousands of dollars. How can Merchant Gorilla offer such a low fee?

With our extensive experience in your industry, we are able to quickly and efficiently size up and evaluate your business, then create a customized marketing program specific to your trade area. For one low fee, you get a complete marketing plan, along with specific tools and techniques to help maximize your revenue.

What if I have questions down the road?

The Merchant Gorilla APE-SHIFT is available at any time to answer questions you may have regarding your Merchant Gorilla marketing plan. We can also partially or fully manage and implement your marketing program for a low fee.

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