We’re on a mission


We’re on a mission:

To flex small business marketing muscle and maximize the impact of “social coupon” offers from Groupon, Living Social Deals, KGB Deals, Gilt City, and countless other one-day-only or limited-time offers.

If you run a business participating in a social coupon offer, you are now part of one of the biggest promotional movements in small business history. Never before has there been a more efficient way to expose your business to countless deal-hungry customers on a local, targeted basis.

But there’s a price.

In fact, a hefty price.  As a participating merchant, chances are you’ve discounted your wares by a significant margin (usually 50% off or higher). Furthermore, you are generally sharing a large percentage of your coupon/discount revenue with your web-based ringmaster.

Then what?  You’re left with an avalanche of new customers demanding a 110% experience for half price or worse. Suddenly, the warm limelight you basked in yesterday has turned into the cold shadow of high customer expectations and exceedingly low margins. No wonder, in a recent survey of Groupon merchants, 1 in 3 reported their offer as unprofitable and a whopping 42% of respondents said they would not run another offer of this kind again.

That’s where Merchant Gorilla marches in.

We create affordable, customized marketing programs specific to your business, which help maximize your social coupon offer in revenue, profit, customer retention and repeat visitation. We then implement product, service and loyalty programs to help your business grow on an ongoing basis.

Merchant Gorilla applies proven, time-tested marketing tools and tactics to mine for new customers, convert new customers into repeat customers and turn loyal customers into your personal army of consumer advocates.

A small business marketing program isn’t built in a day. Let us help you with the next 364…

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